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Dec 7, 2017

I spoke with Jeff Provine last week at the launch party for the Okie Comics Magazine. This is an exciting new collaborative project for local artists in Oklahoma. Jeff talks about the inspiration behind bringing this project to life, as well as his background in art!

Check them out at: 

Dec 4, 2017

Former guests Mike Allen, Avery Wilson and Casey McElroy are in the studio with me this week to hash out our favorite characters, story arcs and more about a crowd favorite: Dragon Ball Z. I'm looking forward to having more panel/roundtable episodes, so let me know what you'd like to hear next!

Nov 28, 2017

Casey McElroy sat down with me in the Tower studio and we spoke about Cowboy Bebop, gigging around the state, the Bottle Cap Barn and much more!

Oct 31, 2017

Jackson Compton, a local writer and comic book creator, stopped by the studio to talk about Robotech, Speed Racer, his current projects and more!

Oct 30, 2017

Brian Winkeler (Robot House Creative) was at Wizard World premiering Discount Force, a project he worked with Clint Walkingstick and Sam Washburn on, as well as Agent G--a story that follows Kenny G and Michael Bolton as secret agents in the 80s. Be sure to listen until the very end for a special announcement!