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Sep 30, 2019

In a neat full-circle moment for the show, I had the opportunity to chat with Flamingosis after his show at Tower Theatre about some of his influences, as well as his flip on Jim Lang's track "Groove Remote" from Hey Arnold!

Stick around after the interview to hear an excerpt from our episode with Jim Lang playing...

Sep 23, 2019

Series regular, Jacob Galleciez, stopped by the studio to talk about some of the animated shows that have hit Neflix, both good and bad. What shows stick out to you?

Sep 16, 2019

Alex Sanchez, Casey McElroy, and Daniel Bokemper stopped by the studio to talk about the influence the music of wrestling had on them growing up. We also talk about our relationship with wrestling now and how it's changed!

Sep 9, 2019

I'm joined this week by artist Luke Southern. We chat about classic cartoons such as He-Man and Thundercats, his eclectic taste in music, how he first got into illustration and much more!

Follow Luke on Twitter: @manwithwood

and on Instagram:

Sep 3, 2019

I'm joined this week by Jabee, Don Data, and Dezz Steeze to talk about one of the most iconic hip hop groups of all time - OutKast. Tune in as we discuss their work, influence, and legacy... there may even be some hot takes in this one. Check it out!